Our values

Absolute commitment in our products, looking after our staff, suppliers and customers, and providing efficiency in the face of constant changes to textile processes.

A company with a clear family tradition, ensuring complete independence and continuity for our projects as well as constant, sustainable and uninterrupted growth. 76 years and three generations have passed since the founding of our company, which ensures direct contact with our customers and constant work for our business, which is what we’re good at.

Not a single day goes by without our products improving. We do this clearly based on the constant improvement of our products and processes, always listening to our customers and adapting to the changing processes of our environment.

Constant innovation in our products, upholding quality above all else and transmitting our values from each generation to the next in order to become a world-renowned leader in warping and knitting.

The demands of globalization have helped us maintain a highly qualified team able to offer the best solutions to our customers’ projects, hopes and requirements.

Adaptation, acceptance and incorporation of cultural diversity into our products. This has resulted in our machinery being used in over 100 countries, adding to our products and processes the experience of over 50 years of exporting.

Our doors are always open to our customers, with whom we deal in a direct and personal manner and offering all necessary knowledge to optimize the use of our products.

We boast world-renowned expertise in warping and knitting since 1940 and are constantly seeking to achieve the satisfaction and recognition of each and every one of our customers.

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