We guarantee a complete technical service and support in all our work process, optimizing quality in all our answers, as well as direct and personal assistance, ensuring quality and ecological standards.

  We can work in the following languages : Catalan, Spanish, French, English, Italian, Portuguese, and Arabic.

Spare Parts Service

Rius offers a personalized and highly specialized spare parts service. We manage 3,000 orders per year and guarantee an immediate response to any request.

We guarantee direct treatment through our spare parts management center.

Our goal is to guarantee to our customers the necessary technical response for the best possible maintenance of their equipment and ensure that it can always be kept in operation.

We provide full information and advice on shipments and customs regulations.

In order to provide a faster response, we always ask for the following:
- Order number
- Machine serial number / machine type
- Part code / photograph of the part.
- Phone no. / e-mail address / Skype details

Technical Support

We offer solutions to any inquiry through our specialist technicians by phone, e-mail, Skype or WhatsApp.

We provide a direct and tailored response by the technician that is most suitable to your inquiry, directing them to your issue and working with the means of communication that best provides our service and response.

Rius provides a highly specialist technical service for the commissioning and maintenance of our equipment.

We guarantee to customers that we will provide the necessary assistance for the installation and commissioning of the equipment as well as its best possible maintenance.

In order to provide a faster response, we always ask for the following:
- Machine serial number / machine type.
- Details of the technical inquiry / video / photograph
- Phone no. / e-mail address / Skype details

Technical Courses and Inquiries

Our company has a clear mission of international growth, and our doors are therefore always open to all our customers.

We offer technical courses at our own or customers’ premises, facilitating the commissioning of machines.

Courses in knitting technique design and how to transfer this to machines.

Sample development courses held by our specialist technicians.

Related queries regarding textile processes and raw materials in connection with our range of machinery.


Standard quotes, enabling a quick response to any inquiry received.

Tailored quotes, in relation to which it is worth noting that 30% of our production is tailored to customers’ specific requests and technical requirements.

We also respond to all kinds of inquiries relating to textile processes and raw materials.

In addition, we accept samples from our customers for analysis in order to ascertain the most suitable type of machine, as well as the most common raw materials and production per hour.

New Projects

We are committed to analyzing, assessing and collaborating to find future textile applications and alternatives for the automation of projects.

We have partnership agreements in place with a number of technology centers, especially with EURECAT Technology Centre, based in Barcelona, with which we work and carry out new projects

We have machines installed at several strategically placed technology centers which provide a direct service to our customers in order to give technological support to future applications or customers’ own ideas.